Fountains Family Counseling

10293 East 126th Street Fishers, IN 46038 – Located inside Hamilton Hills Church.
(317) 721-4801

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    What our clients say…

    “I was so down on myself and Amy talked and prayed with me. After just a couple of conversations I felt myself turning around. She is an awesome listener and I loved the bible verses and her praying with me to help me feel better about myself. I will strongly recommend Fountains Family Counseling to anyone that needs a helping hand. I truly believe God sent them to me. Thank you Jesus!” – S.A.

    “Amy gives me a sense of calm when my world feels chaotic. Feeling an overwhelming sense of grief and anger everyday was starting to ruin parts of my life and he helped me realize there’s light and there’s ways to handle things so I don’t lose myself! I’m so happy I found her!” – K.A.